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Provide the best problem resolution in real-time

SMART: AI Augmented LiveChat

Human Parity Performance: over 90% accuracy

Customers and service users want answers quickly. With AI Augmented LiveChat, your team can provide them because our AI technology enhances their interactions.

AI Augmented LiveChat allows users to engage with your organisation via an AI-driven Webchat. Its biggest benefit is its integration with your MS Platform. So you can use the new AI Augmented LiveChat without any additional software.


AI Augmented LiveChat revolutionises in-person digital engagement between organisations and users because it offers the best of the world of AI and the personal touch of the traditional Customer Service.

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AI Augmented LiveChat allows users to engage with your organisation via an AI-driven Webchat. Any employee with Microsoft Teams can be a Webchat agent. This way users get both the AI and human assistance, leading to the best possible outcome.

AI Augmented LiveChat benefits:

  • Reduce contact volumes by up to 50%

  • Reduce contact duration by up to 25%

  • Reduce call waiting time by up 25%

  • Increasing 1st time resolution by up to 40%

  • Reduce agent on-boarding by up to 20% 

How it works

Citizen asks a question​

Bot triages – can answer​

Bot provides an answer​

Citizen asks another question​

Bot triages – can not answer​

Bot asks additional screening questions​

Bot hunts for correct agent for question​

Bot provides screening information to agent​

Bot provides agent with potential answer​

Agent provides answer to citizens​

Integrated with

Screen Shot 2021-05-20 at 14.21.37.png
On a Video Call

Power Automation AI Assistant Capabilities:​

  • LiveChat Personality​

  • LiveChat Public facing Webchat UX​

  • LiveChat Employee Facing MS Teams UX ​

  • LiveChat Triage and Routing​

  • LiveChat Agent Hunting Feature​

  • LiveChat Language Translation ​

  • Prebuilt AI Language & Knowledgebase​

  • Integration SharePoint, Office 365, Dynamics Etc​

  • Quick Skills – Power Platform Surfacing​

  • LiveChat Analytics​

  • AIMaaS lifetime Learning​

Find the SMART AI Assistants for your sector

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Governmental Agencies
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