FLEX AI Chatbots herald a new way of interacting with employees, customers and citizens. Chatbots allow users to simply chat using natural language, 24/7 in virtually any language and with almost any device, no training needed. FLEX Chatbots have many unique features including a OneStopBot™ concierge, integrated AI compliance, and powerful machine learning.

FLEX Intelligent


The more skills your chatbot has, the more useful it will be for users. FLEX Intelligent Automation lets you build unlimited new skills and add them to your FLEX AI OneStopBot™ Concierge. Bot skills can include business processes, knowledge sources, line of business systems integration, Office 365 integration, and much more.

Cognino Data and Machine Learning

AI is only as good as the data on which it’s based. Cognino can rapidly ingest information from many sources to create a single integrated deep learning network or data graph. Once created, your data graph acts as the brain of your AI solution, learning and improving as it gains experience. Your Cognino self-learning data graph can be used in a wide number of applications from making your chatbots smarter to predicting outcomes.

FLEX AI Smart Teams and Places

AI will become increasingly ambient, connecting workplaces, buildings, homes and vehicles. The FLEX AI Smart Teams and Spaces is for organisations on the journey of creating a true ambient AI capability. The journey begins with employees and teams along with deep integration into productivity platforms such as Office 365. The FLEX AI Smart Teams and Spaces provides the key elements needed to build your AI vision.

AI Compliance and Core Values

People are becoming increasingly aware of the need for a compliance model when using Artificial Intelligence in GOVTECH but where to start? Ethics, Inclusion, Accessibility and Trust are big subjects, so how do you set and apply standards in the brand-new area of AI? There are many initiatives across the industry, but currently most are academic in nature. Our framework addresses these challenges from a practical perspective. ​The ICS GOVTECH AI Framework is a combination of technology, process and consulting, helping you to select, configure and deploy solutions across each of the four key areas of AI compliance.

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