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Don't miss ICS.AI's exclusive feature in TechMarketViews Daily Newsletter!

Don't miss our exclusive feature in today's TechMarketView Newsletter (30/03/2020):

We discuss the importance of AI and how it can help the public sector with the immediate, short-term, and long-term consequences of Coronavirus.

As many of you know already from recent news, COVID-19 has forced many organisations, especially public sector organisations into implementing emergency strategies as short term minimum viable strategies are put into place.

Join our exclusive webinar to discover how our 3 Phase Coronavirus Business Continuity Plan and our new capability of combined AI Assistants together with Microsoft Teams can support a shift to remote online Citizen/Patient/Student self-service and much more.

If yourself or your colleagues would like further details about this event and how to register on to this upcoming event, then please visit the link below:

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