Hertfordshire NHS Trust providing 24/7 mental health support with ICS.AI

Updated: Oct 12

ICS.AI are excited to announce we have gone live with our first Mental Health assistant for the Hertfordshire Partnership University NHS Foundation Trust.

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Mental health is becoming an area of health care which is under pressure and under high demand for its services.

Balm, the citizen assistant, is now serving residents in the Trust's catchment area of Hertfordshire and Essex. It has been commissioned to assist the triage of patients, providing a 24/7 presence and ensuring patients are being transferred to the most relevant care as quickly as possible. We were able to use our Smart Chat conversational platform to deliver an AI assistant built to the Trust's requirements.

Active on the Trust's website, Balm can triage queries and direct patients to the most relevant health care service for their needs, be that counselling or directing to online advice forums or NHS recommendations. Not only can our AI Assistant signpost users to the most applicable services local to them, it can also check for referral eligibility by interacting with service users in a conversational way.

The deployment of Balm comes as part of a national initiative 'Improving Access to Psychological Therapies' (IAPT).

Balm chatbot assistant visual
Balm, AI Assistant from ICS.AI

Balm has been live for a number of weeks now and is successfully serving vulnerable users every minute of the day on every day of the week. ICS.AI are delighted to see artificial intelligence (AI) technology being used to help people and to see the positice tangible outcomes it can have for the Trust and their patients.

Working with the team at Hertfordshire Partnership University NHS Foundation Trust has been an honour and we are both pleased and proud to have created a successful assistant that will make a difference for both the staff and patients who use the services.

ICS.AI continue to be the vendor of choice for public sector organisations across government, healthcare and education. Our proprietary language models, ethical use of AI and pedigree of delivering cost effective automation with conversational AI are powering digital transformation throughout society.

The future is bright for AI technology, and we look forward to our ongoing partnership with Hertfordshire Partnership University NHS Foundation Trust and the future of Balm.

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