Able to answer 90% of Citizen queries across Web, Webchat, Chatbot, Phone and Video

James Marshall, Head of Customer and Communications at Southampton City council says; “AI technology provides the opportunity for me to serve our 1.5 million customer questions in a way and at a cost that was simply not possible before. The 90%+ success rate of SOBOT in answering citizens questions supports this approach.”

It is predicted that one of the lasting legacies of Coronavirus will be a permanent societal shift towards omni channel digital engagement. And up until recently, people who bought in shops, met in person, and worked at the office
now buy online, Zoom their relatives, and work from home. This societal shift to Omni Channel engagement represents a once in a lifetime opportunity for government to streamline the delivery of services to citizens.

Whether booking a virtual planning permission appointment, joining a live drop-in video call with an assisted living professional or chatting with an AI assistant, Omni technology allows citizens to engage and interact with the council in new ways. The move to AI Omni Channel brings other benefits such as cost reductions, with annual savings of up to £1m per year for a mid-sized council.

ICS.AI have worked closely with Microsoft and we are delighted to announce the launch of the AI Omni Channel Citizen Engagement Platform, a service which is made up of three foundational elements:


Intelligently routes Citizens to the best engagement channel


2nd Generation AI Citizen Assistant achieves 90%+ success rate


Uses Microsoft Teams as the affordable communications backbone



ICS.AI Customer Success

Discover how ICS.AI are helping Local Councils across the UK to engage and communicate with thousands of Citizens effortlessly with the help of AI

Click on the above to see SOBOT in action (an ICS.AI chatbot) live on Southampton City councils website. The assistant is currently helping hundreds of citizens access council services 24/7.

Click on the above to learn more about the ICS.AI chatbot (AIDA) that helped Cheshire West and Chester council handle a 500% increase in COVID-19 related questions from the public earlier this year.


What topics will we cover in this webinar:

Join our exclusive webinar to discover how the AI Omni Channel Citizen Engagement Platform can increase Citizen engagement, satisfaction and provide your council with a mechanism that allows you to answer citizen questions 24/7,

 no matter the time or place

During the 1-hour session, we will also demonstrate how the AI Omni Channel Citizen Engagement Platform can help your council achieve cost and efficiency savings across the board, with mid sized councils saving up to £1m a year.

And in addition to this, you will hear exclusively from our speaker James Marshall, Head of Customer and Communications at Southampton City Council, who will be joining us live in the webinar.

With the FLEX AI Omni Channel Citizen Engagement Platform we can help your Local Council improve 
in the following areas:


  •    We can help to significantly reduce the cost of delivering face to face drop-in services with Video Services

  •    Support Citizens 24/7 with their local council requirements 24/7 - any time, place, or device

  •    Significantly reduce contact costs through the use of our Omni Channel Citizen Platform

  •    Improve Citizen satisfaction at the point of first contact with the Omni Channel Platform

  •    Intelligent route citizens to the best engagement route

  •    and much more

If you are unable to join the webinar, then no problem at all. Everyone who signs up to the webinar receives the webinar recording the next working day after the event.

If you would like more information surrounding the pricing of the FLEX AI Omni Channel Citizen Engagement Platform,

then please email and a member from the team will get back to you as soon as possible.

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