Transform the way care is delivered with
the Smart
Assisted Living AI technology

The IOT Smart Assisted Living Platform designed by ICS.AI, can help to transform the way your 'care' is delivered to both the elderly and vulnerable citizens.

With our AI technology we can help your care services to significantly improve by creating an AI led Smart home Services, capable of accessing comprehensive knowledge of individual well-being by combining all sensory, wearable's and activity data to an expanded machine learning capability.


Transform the way ‘care’ is delivered, by creating an experience-centered approach for older adults around ‘assisted living and loneliness’. Create Ambient AI led smart home services, accessing comprehensive knowledge of individual well-being  by combining all  sensory, wearable's and activity data to an expanded machine learning capability. While increasing productivity, efficiency and care workers engagement.

The Assisted Living Spaces - Smart Homes AI technology can help your care services with the following:

  • An early warning system for the elderly and vulnerable adults

  • Wearable and AI camera for fall detection and prediction

  • AI led decision making through always learning services

  • Personalised and proactive assistance for loneliness with care worker in the loop 

  • Home Intelligence and an AI Hub for your modern Assisted living facility or home

  • Intelligent insight connecting all the sensory data across ambient proactive services


The FLEX AI Assisted Living Assistant heralds the beginning of a new way of engaging and interacting with the elderly and vulnerable adults in their homes. The assistant can significantly transform the way your care services are delivered and is able to streamline your service desk, triage citizens and route them to the correct operators for the right support at the right time.

With the FLEX AI Assistant Living Assistant, we can help your care services improve in the following areas: 

  • Help and support vulnerable citizens 24/7

  • Manage Adults in their own homes

  • Reduce the admin burden on care services

  • Monitor Citizens with real-time actions

  • Create your own Care skills quickly and easily

  • Citizens can surface unlimited care sources, such as
    Age Concern, Alzheimer's Society, Neighborhood Watch and much more, which can all be accessed from any device

Help Students learn, collaborate and communicate remotely with MS Teams automation skills

Help students engage and collaborate instantly with 
Dr Kellermann's Course Questions QBot

Keep Students Safe and Informed with virtual COVID-19 advice skills

Recruit and engage with Students using the virtual
Student Assistant

Use Machine Learning to 
predict student performance for tailored education


With Smart Video and Vision we can help to improve your estate utilisation, security and safety with AI vision.

With our AI technology can help to transform the way your Care Services are delivered, by creating an experience approach for older adults around 'assisted living and loneliness'. 

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