FREE Online Webinar | 19th March 2020 |
15:00pm - 16:00pm

Due to todays ‘on demand’ culture, young people especially students have an expectation of self-service like Alexa, WhatsApp or Amazon. Which poses a challenge for some universities to meet these expectations, due to out-dated systems and disparate data sources, making them incapable of delivering ‘on demand’ 24/7 self-service.

We not only help your university meet and exceed these expectations that your students are accustom to, but we aim to improve the student experience, NSS scores, and help to improve your remote student communications capability, whilst enabling cost savings all through using our brand-new AI Student Experience Platform.

Our exclusive 1-hour webinar will demonstrate how AI can improve the student experience and how AI can provide your university with a 360° view of your students’ performance, attendance, and activities. Enabling your university with an early warning system for student intervention around academic performance and much more.

  • How we can help your University attract students, drive student outcomes , and connect with students in lifelong relationships​

  • How the FLEX AI Student Engagement Assistant and Microsoft Teams can help facilitate Remote Student Communications. By using our AI platform, we can help your students self-serve 24/7 no matter, the location or time. Our aim is to make students accessing learning resources, creating assignments and collaborating virtually in real-time as simple as possible.


  • How the AI 'Student Experience Platform' can assist your Staff with 'Remote Working'


  • The FLEX AI Student Experience Platform -

    The Student Engagement Assistant offers 24/7 ‘on demand’ self-service to support students throughout their journey, helping to improve their student experience and providing your university with platform that can implement a mass communication strategy. 

    The Student Communication Kiosk remains present throughout the student’s entire journey, offering them their student content through personalised panels that include My Week, My Progress, and My Student Survey. The Kiosk provides insight into their student journey as well as assisting them with a wide selection of information sources and content.

    - Student Predictive Analytics and prediction tools can be used to help advise students on the most suitable classes or programmes, helping students to reach their full potential. It can improve retention and enable your university to provide the right support services to your students at the right time.

    Microsoft Teams as a Collaborative Online Learning Platform can be used to improve staff efficiency and help to create a more collaborative classroom. Teams can be used to manage assignments, deliver personalised student content and increase student engagement, especially with students who have disabilities. Students can instantly connect, communicate and collaborate not only with their classmates but with their lecturer.

  • How the ICS.AI Student Experience Platform can improve NSS Scores, Student experience, Retention and Recruitment


  • AI Ethics in Universities 


  • AI Transformation for Universities

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During the 1-hour webinar we will demonstrate:

FREE Online Webinar | 19th March 2020 |
15:00pm - 16:00pm

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