Multiple skills in a single AI assistant. 
Designed to support your Employees with Remote Working.

Remote working with online meetings, consultations, and learning has become the new norm because of COVID-19.
All this has happened over a few short weeks, bringing cloud-based products such as Microsoft teams into daily use at an unprecedented scale. How can Artificial Intelligence help?
Many organisations face important questions about how remote operations can be supported in the long term:
How to assist large groups of untrained and remote users in getting the most from corporate standards like Microsoft Teams? How to keep teams safe and informed about fast moving COVID-19 mitigation policies? How to provide IT support and meet rising demands for help with limited resources, and finally; How to ensure the well-being of scattered teams in difficult circumstances?

To help with this, ICS.AI have designed the FLEX AI Remote Working AI Assistant, to provide members of your team with 24/7 support, featuring numerous skills that help with Microsoft Teams adoption and automation, Virtual HR,
Virtual IT Support, and COVID-19 related information.

With the support of the AI assistant, we can help to keep your team safe, informed, supported, and productive whilst working remotely.


Get the most from Microsoft Teams with virtual Adoption & Automation skills

Look after your teams
well-being with virtual HR Assistance skills

Support your remote workers 
with virtual IT Support skills

Keep your Team Safe and Informed with virtual COVID-19 Advice skills

Keep your Team Safe and Informed 
The Virtual COVID-19 Advice Skill:

We recognize that during this period of change, many employees will be left questioning how the pandemic will effect them whilst working remotely. Which is why we have designed the COVID-19 AI skill, designed to help keep your team safe and informed whilst working remotely. Built to provide employees with 24/7 access to trusted local and national COVID-19 related information.

With the support of the COVID-19 skill, employees can access up to date national and local COVID-19 related information from trusted sources such as WHO or GOV.UK 

With the help of AI, your organisation can ensure all its employees can instantly access your companies latest COVID-19 updates. Enabling users to find out if their branch/office is open or closed during the pandemic

Employees can ask specific health related questions about their symptoms via the Bot, which can then be triaged to the correct knowledge base for instant access to COVID-19 related answers

We help employees to perform COVID-19 related processes, such as reporting concerns or requesting additional PPE

Get the most from Microsoft Teams 
The Virtual Microsoft Teams Adoption & Automation Skill:

With the support and guidance from the Microsoft Teams Adoption & Automation skill, your organisation will have the capability to roll out Microsoft Teams rapidly, whilst avoiding the need to train all users.

Enable employees to self-serve the creation of a compliant Teams, Sites, and Groups that are consistent with your organisations Teams compliancy, using natural language

Users can quickly access their own local stores of organisational content with the help of the AI Assistant

Allow untrained users to query a store of 1.5M Office 365 help articles 24/7, using natural language

Allow remote workers to communicate effectively by using video conferencing on Microsoft Teams

IT Support for Remote Workers
The Virtual IT Support Skill:

During this period of change, it can leave many employees feeling confused and overwhelmed with all the new IT processes. Which is why we have designed the Virtual IT Support skill to ensure that all employees feel supported 24/7 whilst working remotely.
We support your employees in self-serving their needs and streamlining their operations all through using the single AI Assistant.

Access IT Support information such as FAQ's, Knowledge bases, Employee services, and much more 

Enable employees to self-serve IT processes such as password resets or accessing an existing IT support ticket

Raise support tickets and query knowledge bases from applications like ServiceNow

We help employees to perform IT related processes, such as reporting a SAP outage or sharing a file with a colleague 

Look after your Teams Well-being 
The Virtual HR Assistance Skill:

We know your teams well-being is one of your main priorities. Which is why we believe that this AI skill is vital for every organisation to have. We have designed this AI skill to keep your Teams supported and connected during this difficult time. Supporting employees in self-serving their HR needs and streamlining their operations. 

Enable easy employee access to HR Support, to help monitor team well-being whilst working remotely

We provide an easy way for employees to find answers to their HR queries quickly

We help employees quickly and easily complete forms, book holiday, submit expenses, and much more

Streamline HR Service desks - triage, routing and handover

Mitigation Capabilities
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