Coronavirus Mitigation Webinar
FREE Online Webinar | 6th April 2020 |
15:00pm - 16:00pm

As you know from recent news, COVID-19 has forced many organisations, especially public sector organisations into implementing emergency strategies as short term-minimum viable strategies are put into place.

As you have undoubtedly been aware of, service demand has risen significantly during this outbreak and with service capacity reduced due to illness or isolation, most organisations are finding it difficult to handle the huge increase in demand with limited resources. As time goes on, it is clear that this pandemic will leave a lasting impression on the workplace, resulting in permanent changes over the coming year.

Join our exclusive 1-hour webinar to discover more about our 3 Phase Coronavirus Business Continuity Plan and how our new capability of combined AI Assistants together with Microsoft Teams can support a shift to remote online Citizen/Patient/Student self-service.

This webinar is suitable for anyone working in the public sector, serving customers in the public sector or interested to see how lessons from the public sector can be applied elsewhere.


During the 1-hour webinar we will demonstrate:

FREE Online Webinar | 6th April 2020 |
15:00pm - 16:00pm
  • How we can help your organisation during the COVID-19 outbreak, through using our Coronavirus Business Continuity- 3 Phase Plan:


  • Phase 1 - Emergency Mitigation

  • Phase 2 - Minimum Viable Mitigation

  • Phase 3 – Sustainable Mitigation


  • How we can support your Employees in the following areas:

  • We can provide employees with up to date accurate COVID-19 information and processes for compliance, Health and internal and external operations

  • We help untrained employees work remotely using MS Teams and an MS Teams Adoption Assistant and allow users to create Teams from compliant standard or custom templates

  • We can provide users with self-service access to key services, allowing users to self-serve a range of standard IT questions, such as raising a support ticket or resetting a password etc simply using the remote virtual IT support agent

  • We also offer remote virtual HR support, to help support the mental health and well-being of your employees with a 24/7 virtual HR support agent

  • How the free COVID-19 Advice Skill can help your organisation provide users with the latest COVID-19 information from trusted local and national sources

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