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Let’s face it. The traditional working model is never coming back. 

Neither are the static, monolithic solutions that supported it. Cloud, Hybrid-working and
personalised AI Self-Service are here to stay.

That’s why we’ve created SmartHub, the first AI Workplace Assistant that achieves Human Parity Performance, answering over 90% queries correctly.

SmartHub leverages your existing Microsoft ecosystem and turns your organisation into a self-service, AI-driven, hybrid workplace.

What does SmartHub do?

SmartHub is an AI Workplace Assistant with different pre-trained personalities, capabilities and skills for each use case. With SmartHub, you can begin with a single use case and add more over time.

SmartHub is integrated into your Microsoft ecosystem and uses conversational AI technology to allow your team to self-serve their needs. SmartHub introduces a new patent pending AI UX able to deal with the complex needs of today's workplaces.  

Smarthub use cases:

  • Virtual IT Support  

  • Virtual HR Support

  • Employee Communication - Intranet Replacement 

  • Self Service Automation



If IT is not working, your team isn’t either. With our AI-driven IT Support you can be sure your in-house and remote staff has access to a quick and easy IT assistance at any time and from any place.

  • Triage and route Colleagues to right IT assistance 24/7

  • Find IT information and answers FAQ’S, Knowledge Base, employee services, etc. 

  • Self-Service IT process such as password resets via the Bot

  • Raise tickets and query Knowledge Base from applications like ServiceNow

  • Automatically hand over from the Bot to Webchat support software


Team building in the new hybrid reality is a tough task. With HR Support AI Assistant, you
can support your staff amidst the challenges of remote working.


  • Triage and route Colleagues to right HR assistance 24/7

  • Find HR information and answers – HR, employee services, etc.

  • Self-Serve HR process Complete forms, holiday request, expenses

  • Find documents and policies, etc.

  • Access HR news and events


Intranet is rarely exciting but always needed. Sadly, it doesn’t update automatically. With AI-driven Employee Comms, your organisation's entire content is always fresh, up-to-date and easy to find.


  • Surface or replace your Intranet with AI-driven content 

  • Aggregated Corporate Comms and news

  • Cognitive Search for organisation content

  • Aggregate, display and query data from multiple systems

  • Aggregate display and query data from MS Graph


A single place for all your Self-Service Automation needs. Quickly and easily create new skills in the Microsoft Power Platform, surface them with your AI Assistant and share them across the organisation.

  • Easily create Automation Skills using the MS Power, Forms or 3rd party platforms 

  • Access the skills in a single Skill Store regardless of where they were created

  • Consume skills using voice, Webchat or applications

  • Integrated into your everyday actions with the SmartHub AI Workplace Assistant

What is Human Parity Performance?
When we say our AI is as good as humans, we mean it

It took us 5 years of hard work. 
For us, Human Parity Performance is more than a sales pitch.

The average first time resolution rate for a human contact center agent is  84.5%. Our AI outperforms this result in all the use cases, hitting 90% and above success rates.

Many chatbots are not effective because they only do one thing.
Our AI Assistants are so successful because they are pre-trained with hundreds of intentions relevant to your needs.

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