In support of the recent government push and funding for Local Authority Brexit preparation we have added a  Brexit Advice Skill to our Citizen Services Chatbot. Meaning you can now provide both Brexit advice and Citizen Service with the same Chatbot 24/7. It also means that you may be able to fund your Citizen Self Services Chabot using a part of the Brexit preparation funds announced by central government last month.


The Citizens Services Chatbot skill provides Brexit advice to your citizens, 24/7 without the need to hire and train additional staff. The Brexit Advice skill comes from a number of curated trusted sources such as and LGA etc. meaning you don’t have to manage the content however you do have the ability to add your own local Brexit advice.


You are invited to join our fully interactive webinar on September 10th to discover how the FLEX AI Citizen Services Chatbot can support your citizens in self-serving both Brexit Advice and local government services.


FLEX AI Chatbots herald a new way of interacting with citizens. Chatbots allow users to simply chat using natural language, 24/7 in virtually any language and with almost any device, no training needed.


​Our AI solution can support your citizens with answering queries such as child concerns, reporting graffiti, reporting potholes, bin collections and much more, which can significantly reduce frustration for your citizens. We understand councils are often under immense pressure to perform at a higher standard.

Which is why we are offering the FLEX AI Citizen Services Chatbot, our solution offers your citizens the best quality self-service available on the market. In addition to this we have created what we believe is the world’s first ethical AI Transformation platform for Local Government. Our platform is running live in the UK, serving the needs of thousands of citizens.

Our previous experience within the government sector gives us a clearer understanding of what the challenges are and what your council may be facing. Which is why in the light of recent events, we have designed the brand-new Brexit advice skill exclusively for the FLEX AI Citizen Services Bot.


We encourage anyone engaged in a Digital Transformation should join our 1-hour webinar to see what impact AI can have on your projects and how it can revolutionise the way you engage with your citizens.


  • What is Ethical AI compliance and AI Transformation

  • How our AI stack has been specially designed for the vulnerable or those with disabilities or impairments

  • How the Ethical compliance module deploys specific checks to minimise potential risks, including algorithmic validation, profanity check, ethical AI portrayal, transparency dashboard and much more

  • See how the Citizen Bot can be used to help improve public engagement and reduce contact center calls

During the 1-hour webinar we will demonstrate:

FREE Online Webinar | 10th September 2019 |
15:00pm - 16:00pm

Should I buy extra supplies?

Will there be fuel shortages?

What day is my bin collected?

Will my council tax go up?

I want to report graffiti

I want to pay a parking fine

Do I need a visa for Europe?

I'm an EU national, can I stay here?

Citizen Services Bot

The FLEX AI Automated Citizen Services Bot heralds the beginning of a new way of interacting with citizens. Conversation as a platform allows 24-hour, natural language communication through a variety of devices and channels. The citizen bot allows you to:

  • Find information  - councillors, jobs, waste collection, planning etc

  • Self-serve actions- pay fines, order bins etc

  • Report incidents - graffiti, potholes, child concerns, litter, anti-social behaviour 

  • Get live updates - planning application status, council tax due etc

  • Streamline the service desk - triage, routing and handover 

  • Create your own Citizen OneStopBots™


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