FREE Online Webinar | 12th September 2019 |
15:00pm - 16:00pm

You are invited to join our fully interactive webinar on September 12th to learn about our brand-new FLEX AI Brexit Advice Chabot and how our AI technology has the comprehensive capability to communicate Brexit advice to your citizens without the need to hire and train staff.


No one knows if Brexit will happen on the 31st October however as you may be aware the government has recently make an additional £9m in funding available to local authorities for Brexit planning. It is widely believed that citizens contacting local authorities will likely increase as the Brexit departure date becomes closer and could rise dramatically in the event of a disorderly exit.

Planning to deal with this range of possibilities is difficult, recruiting and training staff to advise on such a complex issue in a month or two is close to impossible. To help with this we have produced a Brexit Citizen Advice Chabot that can be deployed and operational within a few hours. The Brexit Advice Chatbot sits in the Cloud with no installation required at the authorities data center.  A link from the authorities website is all that is needed to get started.

The Brexit Chatbot is available 24/7 and supports 16 different languages, citizens simply chat to the bot in their natural language. The bot provides its information from a number of authorities government sources including GOV.UK. In addition to National Brexit sources Authorities are able to easily add and maintain local information sources.

We encourage anyone in a local authority who wants to know further informatio



  • What is are the FLEX AI Brexit Advice Chatbot advanced capabilities and what type of Brexit advice can the chatbot supply citizens

  • How our Chatbot responds to 16 different languages and how the human parity natural language processing works

  • How quickly the Brexit Advice Chatbot can be up and ready for use

  • What knowledge sources the Brexit Advice Chatbot uses

  • How the Chatbot can provide citizens with both national and local Brexit information 24/7

  •  How the Chatbot can be integrated into your existing systems

  • And much more 


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ICS.AI Ltd are the UK’s leading Public Sector Artificial Intelligence company and the only UK’s Microsoft AI Inner Circle partner. ICS AI are the creators of the world first public sector focused Ethical AI Transformation platform which is deployed across an increasing number of public sector organisations. Our Clients include, BEIS, Health Education England, Southampton City Council, Crown Prosecution Service, Nottingham Trent University and Chester Council.

During the 1 hour webinar we will demonstrate:

FREE Online Webinar | 12th September 2019 | 15:00pm - 16:00pm

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