Revolutionise citizen engagement, social innovation and early threat management for the next policing generation using Artificial Intelligence while driving operational efficiency and citizen satisfaction.

Transform your understanding of citizen, social and crime concerns through real-time AI driven analytics. Exponentially increase insights and capabilities by connecting an Artificial Intelligence engine to existing systems, processes and laws.

Police Forces around the world are starting their AI Transformation journey.  


AI Transformation builds on and supersedes Digital Transformation.


Artificial Intelligence overcomes the challenges of user engagement with conversational interfaces, evolves as your challenges do with machine self-learning, senses and understands the physical world with neural networks.


AI overcomes the near insurmountable challenges of fragmented big data by algorithmically unifying organisational data silos.


Ethical AI is important to everyone and a mandatory element of AI Transformation, no police force should risk its reputation, mission or values on unpredictable technology.

Which is why we have created the world's first Ethical AI Compliance platform. Our view is that any AI that doesn't have a clear ethics compliance plan and a rigorous monitoring platform is likely to be unethical. With our ICS.AI compliance platform this is will no longer be a concern for organisations.


The FLEX AI Police Bot increases force efficiency by enabling staff to self-serve information, processes and data 24/7 using natural language chat. The Police Bot can be accessed in 27 languages from virtually any device in any location with a signal.


The Police Bot allows you to:


  • Find internal information – Case Info, HR, employee services, policies etc

  • Find External Information – Policing guidelines, policies etc

  • Report incidents - Online with pictures, videos and maps

  • Access HR - Manage Shifts, Duty Management, book leave, expenses etc

  • IT service desk, change passwords, report outage, request items etc

  • Help Citizens – Multi-lingual access to citizen services

  • Automate complex processes – Let the bot do it for you

  • Create your own Police Bot Skill



The FLEX AI Police Citizen Services Bot heralds the beginning of a new way of interacting with citizens. Conversation as a platform allows 24-hour, natural language communication in 27 different languages through a variety of devices and channels. The citizen bot allows you to:

  •  Find information - Policies, laws and citizen information etc

  • Report – Crime, disputes, accidents, antisocial behaviour etc

  •  Share Concerns – Something suspicious, risky or worrying etc

  • Request – collision report, a licence, fingerprints etc

  • Apply – Careers, compensation, overseas visitor, firearms licence etc

  • Self-serve actions – Status of my case

  • Revolutionise Citizen awareness with Chat Intent data

  • Create your own Citizen OneStopBots™


People are increasingly becoming aware of the need for a compliance model when using Artificial Intelligence in GOVTECH but where to start? Ethics, Inclusion, Accessibility and Trust are huge subjects, but how do you set and apply standards in the brand-new area of AI? 

There are many initiatives across the industry, but most are currently academic in nature. Our framework addresses these challenges from a practical perspective.The ICS GOVTECH AI Framework is a combination of technology, process and consulting helping you to select, configure and deploy solutions across each of the four key areas of AI compliance. 



Anticipate needs and improve services with streamlined ambient services through building management and intelligence unification. Access unified modern building work resources such as meeting spaces, scheduling, utility services, facility, IoT, and much more through natural language exchange, while increasing productivity, efficiency and staff engagement. Learn and assist proactively at each process step through machine learning understanding of the entire modern workplace. 

  • Connected Intelligence and AI Hub for your modern workplace and operational insight

  • Provides knowledge and recommendations anywhere throughout the building in through any channel or device

  • Intelligent insight and early warning system for the modern workplace, facilities and operations

  • Personalised assistance and recommendations along with smart navigation

  • KPI management for space utilisation and sustainability 




FLEX Smart Workplace 365 delivers maximum value from your Office 365 and Teams investment through the power of AI. Your Office 365 is augmented with a self-learning "brain" capable of creating a single knowledge constellation algorithmically from your disparate silos of data and the Office Knowledge Graph. Your users are assisted by a zero training pro-active chatbot, able to perform many tasks or provide information from an array of sources by simply chatting using natural language. Intelligent Automation provides you with a mechanism to add many more AI skills to your chatbot. For example, build SharePoint sites, perform CRM queries, and much more.This allows your deployment to evolve and avoids the spread of silo bots.

  • Create a self-learning neural network algorithmically as a single source of knowledge across the Office graph and disparate data silos

  • Smart Hubs in Teams, a unique combination of a chat first user experience paradigm with dynamic personalised content scaled up or down depending on device

  • Office 365 adoption skills provide a knowledge base of over 1.5M articles and a library of 150 pre-built Office 365 capabilities

  • Intelligent Automation linked to the OneStopBot concierge providing a mechanism to add hundreds of different skills to your bot

  • Extend the capability of your bot by adding pre-built skills such as IT Support with ServiceNow capability


Be a leader in digital policing.

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