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Our AI Assistants have ethical edge and react appropriately to sensitive content

AI Transformation for Mental Health

Artificial Intelligence is transforming the world of mental health. AI Assistants are capable of revolutionising engagement, efficiency and quality of services for both patients and staff. With an ever-growing amounts of systems, only AI-driven tools can increase organisational insight and future-proof mental health services.

The challenge is to connect the AI-driven technology to existing data.

Our AI Assistants allow patients and staff to interact with mental health resources in a conversational way on a scale not possible before. So, whether service users want to check mental health resources, get real-time feedback, report symptoms or make complaints, AI Assistants will intelligently route them to the best solution, whether by processing their request right away, booking a virtual appointment or directing them to the next available agent. And they do so 24/7, in multiple languages and with over 90% accuracy, being the first in the world to achieve Human Parity Performance.

Our AI Assistants come pre-trained with hundreds of intents. You simply choose the external application (SmartChat) or internal application (SmartHub) or both, and you can trust that they will work as an integral part of your team from day one. 

SmartChat and SmartHub have different Personalities tailored to scenarios you need them working in, for instance, one Personality for Service Enquiry, one for Triage and Signposting or one for Automation. You can start with one Personality and build them up according to your needs.

AI-driven Citizen Assistant


AI-driven Workplace Assistant


Mental Health Enquiry AI Assistant

The world's first Human Parity AI Assistant for Mental Health

mental health.png


This Mental Health Enquiry AI Assistant lets you deal directly with enquiries from Service Users, friends and family. It provides information on appointments, waiting lists, parking and numerous other topics. 

Mental Health Enquiry AI Assistant helps:


  • Provide Service Users, family and friends with general enquiry answers 24/7

  • Manage routine tasks such change of address, appointments  

  • Seamlessly provide trusted content from external sources such as GOV.UK

  • AI Augmented LiveChat 

  • Virtual Appointments and Consultations

  • AI Email Automation


Mental Health is a time-sensitive matter. Our Mental Health Triage and Signposting AI Assistant helps direct users to useful resources and provides Mental Health Engagement 24/7. 

Mental Health Enquiry AI Assistant has:

  • Intelligent Mental Health Triage to identify appropriate service needs  

  • Conditional Signposting of service-to-service users

  • Fully automatic content aggregation from external sources

  • AI Augmented LiveChat 

  • Virtual Appointments and Consultations

  • Triage and Signposting analytics

self help.png



When offering Mental Health assistance, it is essential to empower users and lead them to all available resources. Self-Help can be a quick and easy way to avert crises and start recovery.

Mental Health Enquiry AI Assistant helps:


  • Provide Service Users with Access to Self-Help content 

  • Provide Self-Help content from external content

  • Provide an escalation route to a referral

  • AI Augmented LiveChat 

  • Virtual Appointments and Consultations

  • See Self-Help analytics


For public services to run smoothly bottlenecks and high-friction functions should be avoided. The Power Automation AI Assistant provides low-friction operations by automating the three key elements of any service: engagement, knowledge and actions.

Automation AI Assistant helps:


  • Easily create Automation Skills using the MS Power, Forms or 3rd party platforms 

  • Access the skills in a single Skill Store regardless of where they were created

  • Consume skills using voice, Webchat or applications

  • Integrated into your everyday actions with the SmartHub AI Workplace Assistant

augmented chat pic 5.png



AI Augmented LiveChat allows users to engage with your organisation via an AI-driven Webchat. Any employee with Microsoft Teams can be a Webchat agent. This way users get both the AI and human assistance, leading to the best possible outcome.

AI Augmented LiveChat benefits:


  • Reduces contact volumes by up to 50%

  • Reduces contact duration by up to 25%

  • Reduces call waiting time by up 25%

  • Increases 1st time resolution by up to 40%

  • Reduces agent on-boarding by up to 20%  



When user needs different type of assistance than the AI Assistant can provide, the Virtual Appointment Assistant will book a meeting with a service professional. Any employee using Office 365 can host meetings.

Virtual Appointments benefits:


  • Virtual meetings booking self-service 

  • Convenient Meetings via Microsoft Teams

  • Flexible Meetings via phone, video or in person

  • Integrated with Outlook calendar to avoid clashes 

  • Meetings can be optionally recorded and transcribed

  • Meetings can be live captioned in different languages

automated email response.png


Common high-volume emails with subjects such as change of address, renewals, service questions create bottlenecks. Our Automated Email Response Assistants sorts this problem with a success rate over 90%.

Automated Email benefits:


  • Identifying incoming email categories at up to 95% accuracy 

  • Automating the most common email categories such as “change of address” 

  • Immediately escalating high-risk categories such as “complaint”

  • Automating “collect incomplete data” by emailing a link to an AI Assistant   

  • Maintaining ethical standards with our unique “Ethical Edge”

  • Pre-trained AI models   


Workplace AI Assistant for Mental Health

The world’s first Human Parity Workplace AI Assistant for Mental Health

smarthub visual.png

Workplace AI Assistant for Mental Health

SmartHub is the first AI Assistant that combines chat, LiveChat, full-screen experience and automation. This unique Workplace AI Assistant provides staff with an AI Assistant for all departments at once and achieves Human Parity Performance. 

With different personalities covering IT Support, HR & Wellness and Employee Communication, Workplace AI Assistant fills the needs of any complex organisation. When your staff uses SmartHub, it saves time and resources all the while providing quality experience for the users.    

SmartHub AI Assistant lets employees: 

Find information quickly and in a conversational way 
Self-serve actions in real time 
Connect to Agents via LiveChat 
Make appointments with a specific department 


With SmartHub, instead of different automation and support tools that don’t work well together and require training, you get 4 Workplace AI Assistants in 1. You can start with one Personality and build it up as you go into a complete AI-driven Workplace Platform to support your team in everything they do.

Let us help your staff focus on what matters

it support.png


If IT is not working, your team isn’t either. With our AI-driven IT Support you can be sure your in-house and remote staff has access to a quick and easy IT assistance at any time and from any place.

  • Triage and route Colleagues to right IT assistance 24/7

  • Find IT information and answers FAQ’S, Knowledge Base, employee services, etc. 

  • Self-Service IT processes such as password resets

  • Raise tickets and query Knowledge Base from applications like ServiceNow

  • Automatically hand over from the Bot to Webchat support software



Team building in the new hybrid reality is a tough task. With HR Support AI Assistant, you can support your staff amidst the challenges of remote working.


  • Triage and route Colleagues to right HR assistance 24/7

  • Find HR information and answers – HR, employee services, etc.

  • Self-Serve HR process Complete forms, holiday request, expenses

  • Find documents and policies, etc.

  • Access HR news and events

corp comms.png


Intranet is rarely exciting but always needed. Sadly, it doesn’t update automatically. With AI-driven Employee Comms, your organisation's entire content is always fresh, up-to-date and easy to find.


  • Surface or replace your Intranet with AI-driven content 

  • Aggregated Corporate Comms and news

  • Cognitive Search for organisation content

  • Aggregate, display and query data from multiple systems

  • Aggregate display and query data from MS Graph



A single place for all your Self-Service Automation needs. Quickly and easily create new skills in the Microsoft Power Platform, surface them with your AI Assistant and share them across the organisation.

  • Easily create Automation Skills using the MS Power, Forms or 3rd party platforms 

  • Access the skills in a single Skill Store regardless of where they were created

  • Consume skills using voice, Webchat or applications

  • Integrated into your everyday actions with the SmartHub AI Workplace Assistant


Why is Mental Health AI Compliance important?

No mental health practice should risk its reputation, mission or values on unpredictable technology. 

Which is why we have created the world's first Ethical AI Compliance platform. Our view is that any AI that doesn't have a clear ethics compliance plan and a rigorous monitoring platform is likely to be unethical. With our ICS.AI compliance platform this is will no longer be a concern for organisations.

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