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Introducing intelligent citizen self-service across Web, Webchat, Chatbot, Phone and Video

Intelligently routing citizens to live agents over the phone

Answering 90% of common citizen queries from
pre-built knowledge base of 600+ top answers

Intelligent triage and routing of citizens 24/7 across channels and skills

Machine Learning for predictions, early warnings and service usage

Citizen AI Assistant

AI Virtual Receptionist

Live Phone Engagement


AI Augmented Live Chat

Intelligently routing citizens to live agents or colleagues augmented by AI 

Intelligently booking Phone, Video or in person meetings with service professionals such as Planning etc

Self-Service Virtual Appointments

Citizen Engagement
AI Insights

omni channel

What is the AI Citizen Engagement Platform?

Answering some 90% of Citizen queries, the AI Citizen Engagement Platform intelligently combines the best of both human and chatbot capabilities to provide a 360˚ citizen engagement platform across Web, Chatbot, Webchat, Phone, Video, and Email channels.

The FLEX AI Omni Channel Citizen Engagement Platform has the potential to save councils up to £1m per year by reducing

so-called Contact Inflation.With our Omni AI technology we can help your local authority to meet the needs and requirements of your citizens 24/7, even outside of working business hours. 

Working closely with Microsoft, we have designed the AI Omni Channel Citizen Engagement Platform, a service which is made up of three foundational elements:

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Intelligently routes Citizens to the best engagement channel

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2nd Generation AI Citizen Assistant achieves 90%+ success rate

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Uses Microsoft Teams as the affordable communications backbone

James Marshall, Head of Customer and Communications at Southampton City council says;

“AI technology provides the opportunity for me to serve our 1.5 million customer questions in a way and at a cost that was simply not possible before. The 90%+ success rate of SOBOT in answering citizens questions supports this approach.”

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Hear from James Marshall, Head of Customer and Communications at Southampton City Council in our exclusive free on-demand webinar and learn how Southampton City Council's Citizen Assistant is answering 90% of Citizen queries using Omni Channel AI technology.

Click on the button below to watch our FREE on-demand webinar to learn more about Southampton City Councils Citizen Assistant and our brand new AI Omni Channel Citizen Engagement Platform.

What makes our 2nd Generation Citizen AI Assistant different to other Chatbots?

icons8-training-100 (2).png

Trained from a dataset of over
40,000 LRG Citizen questions


500 voice ready summarised answers to local government questions


Built-in reflexive AI Ethics compliance and chit-chat models


Pre-trained local government language model supporting 20,000+ question variations

icons8-science-fiction-100 (3).png

98% of all questions asked to the Citizen AI Assistant did not need to be transferred to a human


96% of all questions asked to the Citizen AI Assistant were answered


94% of all questions asked to the Citizen AI Assistant were answered correctly

Many 1st Generation Local Government Digital Assistants  fail to answer citizen questions to an acceptable standard because of limited content, training and intelligence. This means they are ineffective tool in serving citizens and reducing contact centre call volumes.

Currently answering over 90% of citizen queries at Southampton City Council, our 2nd Generation Citizen AI Assistant, trained from a dataset of over 40,00 citizen questions, is the most sophisticated Citizen AI Assistant in the UK.

What are the benefits of the

AI Omni Channel Citizen Engagement Platform?

From booking a virtual planning permission appointment or joining a live drop-in video call with an assisted living professional, Omni technology allows citizens to engage and interact with the council in new ways.

The move to AI Omni Channel brings other benefits such as:

  • Reduces unnecessary contact costs by up to £1m per year

  • Engage digitally with citizens 24/7, 365 days a year

  • Reduce citizen dissatisfaction from unmanned channels or long waiting times

  • Understand citizen needs and interests with comprehensive real-time insights

  • Support the needs of high-risk groups with specialist engagement skills

bot image 2.png


Able to answer Citizen queries with over 90% accuracy

The FLEX AI 2nd Generation Citizen AI Assistant heralds the beginning of a new way of interacting with citizens. Conversation as a platform allows 24-hour, natural language communication through a variety of devices and channels.

With our digital assistant, we can support your Citizens with a wide range of services 24/7. Whether its requesting a Council Tax application or helping a child in care access Mental Health Advice, our 'on-demand' self-service AI assistant has been designed to deliver the right support at the right time - no matter the time or place.

The 2nd Generation Citizen AI Assistant allows you to:

  • Find information - Councillors, jobs, waste collection, planning etc

  • Self-serve actions- pay fines, order bins etc

  • Report incidents - graffiti, potholes, child concerns, litter,
    anti-social behavior


  • Receive live updates - planning application status, council tax due etc

  • Analyse Citizen engagement via the AI Assistant to identify trends and early warning signals

  • Help vulnerable children 24/7 and is able to provide them with unlimited access to care sources, such as Child Line, Victim support and much more

  • Keep Citizens safe and informed with the latest COVID-19 information

  • Transform the way your care is delivered to the Elderly and Vulnerable Adults with the Assisted Living Skills

  • Streamline the service desk - triage, routing, and handover

  • Access Brexit Advice 24/7 without the need to hire and train additional staff

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2nd gen bot
Improve Agent take on and performance with the Contact Agent Support Skill
support skill 5.gif

Constantly updating your contact centre staff on the latest updates and council services can be difficult, especially when your team is working remotely.

Which is why we have designed the Contact Agent Support Skill, designed to help your council improve the efficiency of your staff who are dealing with citizen queries and the Skill is particularly useful for your new or temporary staff members.

With our AI technology we can help your contact centre staff to remain updated throughout the day in real-time 24/7, helping your staff access the right information at the right time.

  • With the support of the Contact Agent Support skill, we can help to improve the take on and efficiency of your new staff

  • The Contact Agent Support skill allows contact teams to scale up and down quickly

  • Staff members can access the skill remotely 24/7 - no matter the time or place

  • The skill allows multiples sources of knowledge to be queried and supports multiple agent capabilities

agent assistant
phone ai assistant
Allow Citizens to engage virtually with your council 24/7 via the Phone

For many citizens, speaking to someone on the phone is the best form of communication to resolve or answer any queries they may have. However for some councils, answering high levels of calls throughout the day can be challenging due to reduced staff levels and shorter opening hours due to the virus.

Which is why we have designed the Live Phone Engagement Skill, designed to allow citizens to engage digitally with the council 24/7 via the phone. With our AI technology we can support your citizens via the phone 24/7, helping your council deliver around the clock support.

We can offer your citizens a wide range of options, including the options to book an appointment with a service professional the next working day or even transferring the caller to the next available live agent.

What can Live Phone Engagement Skill help your Council with:

  • 24/7 engagement with Citizens

  • Improved satisfaction at the point of first contact

  • Reduce call wait times and 90% calls and is able to answer calls within 20 seconds

  • Enable phone based self-service of appointment making

live phone skill version 1.gif
webchat skil
Allow Citizens to engage digitally with your council 24/7 via Webchat
teal circle.png
webchat skill.png

With the new Omni Assistant - Live Webchat Engagement Skill, we provide citizens with the ability to engage digitally with the council via Webchat 24/7.


Employees can even engage and participate in citizen Webchats in real-time via Microsoft Teams and allows employees to become a Webchat agent.

Whether its a question about their latest Council ​Tax bill or a more complex question, with our Live Webchat Skill we can instantly handover citizens to a live contact agent or service professional to help answer their queries in real-time. Helping to improve your citizens satisfaction and overall experience with the council.

What can Live Webchat Engagement Skill help with:

  • Users are able to engage in a live WebChat with a human Agent

  • Groups - Ability to create groups and assign Agents to one or more groups

  • Language -The ability to display system messages in the selected language

  • Time - Chat option will only appear at times when agents are available

  • Routing - Ability to assign a contact to a particular group e.g. Language, Location or Call type

  • Hunting - Ability to hunt for agents who are free

  • Analytics, the ability to record and report on conversations

Allow Citizens to self-serve the booking of virtual meetings with the council via the AI Assistant

Due to recent events, the virus has caused a permanent societal shift towards AI engagement. With virtual meetings, remote working and 24/7 self-service at the centre of it. This shift represents a once in a lifetime opportunity for Local Authorities to streamline delivery of services to citizens. 

Which is why we have designed the Self-service Virtual Meeting Skill, designed to allow Citizens to self-serve the booking of virtual meetings with the council via the AI Assistant. 

With our AI technology, we can help your citizens organise virtual meetings with the correct professional via the phone or through the AI Assistant.

In addition to this, with our AI technology we can provide employees using Microsoft Teams the ability to host meetings.

What can Self-Service Virtual Meeting Skill help with:

  • Citizens are able to self-serve booking virtual meetings

  • Meetings take place over Microsoft Teams

  • Any employee with Microsoft Teams can host meetings

  • Booked meetings can be attended via phone, video or in person

  • Meetings can be integrated with Outlook calendar to avoid clashes

  • Meetings can be optionally recorded and transcribed

  • A meeting can be captioned live in different languages

teal circle.png
virtual meeting skill image 1.png
virtual meeting skill image 2.png
video meetings skill
cost inflation version 2.gif
Contact Inflation cost councils up to £1m a year
Contact Inflation occurs when citizens are unable to self-serve using low cost digital channels like websites or chatbots.
They instead move towards high cost channels such as phone, webchat, email, or even face-to-face contact, and their frustration is increased further when those channels are unavailable outside of working hours. We estimate that contact inflation costs councils up to £1m per year. 
contact inflation

Want to learn more about AI for Local Government?

Check out these helpful resources, designed to help your local authority better understand what's involved in effective digital citizen engagement and how to avoid the pitfalls.

White paper on Digital Citizen Engagement using AI Assistants


To help local authorities better understand how to achieve effective digital engagement using AI Assistants and how to avoid some of the pitfalls, we have produced a free white paper on Local  Government Digital Engagement with citizens using AI Assistants.

We can help you discover more about the key benefits of digital citizen engagement, and how it can benefit your council and your citizens. Along with the white paper we have also produced a detailed study on the current use of Citizen AI Assistants in Local Government. 

The FLEX AI 2nd Generation Citizen AI Assistant is unlike any other AI Assistant on the market.


Currently answering over 90% of citizen queries at Southampton City Council, is our 2nd Generation Citizen AI Assistant, trained from a dataset of over 40,000 citizen questions, and is the most sophisticated Citizen AI Assistant in the UK.


If you would like to see SOBOT
(an ICS.AI chatbot) live on Southampton City Councils website, then please click on the button below.

Southampton City Council

sobot icon 3.jpg

Free On-Demand Local Government Webinars


Discover our wide range of
free and ready to watch on-demand Local Government webinars.


Including, our exclusive on-demand webinar with guest speaker James Marshall, Head of Customer & Communications at SCC, were we discuss the launch of the AI Omni Channel Citizen Engagement Platform and the success of our 2nd Generation  Citizen AI Assistant .The event was very well attended with nearly 25% of all UK councils registering.

If you would like to watch this on-demand webinar along with our other LRG webinars, then please click on the button below.

Whether its requesting a Council Tax application or reporting a pothole, the 2nd Generation Citizen AI Assistant can offer your citizens the best 'on-demand' experience available on the market. With our digital assistant, we can support you citizens with a wide range of services 24/7. 

If you would like to find out more about our 2nd Generation Citizen AI Assistant and how it allows citizens to engage and interact with the council in new ways, then please click on the button below.

FLEX AI 2nd Generation
Citizen AI Assistant Datasheet


Cheshire West and Chester Council

Annotation 2020-06-23 115754.jpg

Another ICS.AI chatbot that is currently live in the Public Sector is AIDA, live at Cheshire West and Chester Council.


AIDA helped the council handle a 500% increase in COVID-19 related questions from the public earlier this year. The assistant came at the perfect time for the council, as detailed logs from the assistant revealed that the council received over 300 different questions related to COVID-19 at that time.​

To see AIDA live on Cheshire West and Chester Councils website, then please click on the button below.

Is your local authority ready to start its AI Transformation journey?

We've helped Local authorities connect with hundreds of thousands of citizens across the UK with our AI technology.

Contact us today and we can help your council understand the many benefits of our AI technology and how it can help both your council and your citizens.

Your AI Transformation is our mission.

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