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What is Hybrid Learning
and how can it help your University?

Provide Students with a

360˚ AI Omni Channel

Student Experience

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The use of Hybrid Learning using AI and Teams can help universities to develop a new approach to student learning, by combining the digitised 'on-demand' educational material of a remote learning course with the advantages of a campus based traditional university course.

In a traditional classroom setting, a student's performance can be immediately assessed through questions and informal testing. But with remote learning, a student must wait for feedback until the lecturer has reviewed their work and responded to it. The use of AI technologies, like Dr Kellermann's QBot allow the advantages of traditional feedback to any online learning resource but in a traditional campus setting.

In the development of any online learning, the significant change in the dynamics of interactions needs accounting for to prevent students becoming detached. Although emails, message boards, posts and online group discussions can all help student engagement, the use of the AI Omni Channel 360˚ Student Experience assistant can help to drive this further through offering your students 24/7 self-service access to university knowledge, services and assistance across multiple channels. Our Hybrid learning model combines traditional cloud and AI approaches to provide today's students with a 360˚Omni Channel university experience.

FLEX AI Omni Channel 360˚ Student Experience

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What is the FLEX AI Omni Channel 360˚ Student Experience?

The FLEX AI Omni Channel 360˚ Student Experience provides students with 24/7 self-service access to university knowledge, services and assistance across all channels. The assistant intelligently provides students with a 360˚view of their university experience and intelligently works to find the best solution for your students needs and requirements.

Whether your students are overseas or at home, our
Omni Channel AI assistant intelligently provides students with a single point access to university services via Web, Voice, Webchat, Video or through booking an appointment.

What can the FLEX AI Omni Channel AI Assistant help with?


  • The AI Assistant can help students instantly book virtual appointments, such as a Facilities Tour, Well-being Consultation and more

  • We can assist students with joining and booking on to drop-in video calls with student mentors, personal tutors, learning support and much more

  • For more complex student questions, we can help transfer your students to a someone in your contact centre

  • We can help to handover students to live webchat services to provide students with real-time access to financial support, visa and immigration information, administration support and much more

  • With the help of our Student Assistant we can help to maximize your student engagement, deliver 24/7
    on-demand support and even help to provide answers to your students questions - no matter the time or place

Omni 360

Recruit and engage with students remotely

The FLEX AI Student Assistant not only provides universities with a tool to engage and support current students remotely, but our 24/7 self-service assistant helps you engage with prospective students, in real-time.

With our AI technology we can help your recruitment and admissions department capture vital student data from the first point of contact at recruitment, all the way through to graduation.

With our AI assistant we can help you to improve your remote communication capabilities significantly, simply through using our AI technology. Whether its delivering 24/7 ‘on-demand’ support to students learning remotely or helping your recruitment and admissions department generate more qualified leads, our assistant helps to ensure your students are supported no matter the time or place.

The Student Assistant allows universities to:

  • Current Students - can access library information, assessment and feedback, find degrees, short courses, professional and personal development, access learning resources, careers, IT support, welfare, finance support​ and much more in real-time

  • Prospective Students - ​ can attend virtual open days, sign up to online consultations, and even gain access to course and accommodation information in real-time. With our digital assistant we can help your university generate and attract more qualified leads and even help drive increase applications

  • Students are able to remain engaged with their course, assignments, and any other personal student content on and off campus, no matter the time or location with 24/7 self-service

  • Streamline the service desk - triage, routing and handover ​

  • Create your own Student OneStopBot™

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Keep your students safe and informed 
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We recognize that during this period of change, many students will be left questioning how the pandemic will effect them and their course.

Which is why we have designed the Public COVID-19 AI Advice skill, designed to help keep both your current students and prospective students safe and informed throughout this outbreak. 

With our AI technology we can help to keep your students updated with your universities latest COVID-19 updates, as well as 24/7 

access to trusted national COVID-19 related information.

  • With the support of the COVID-19 skill, students can access your universities up to date COVID-19 related information, as well as 24/7 access to trusted sources such as WHO or GOV.UK

  • The COVID-19 skill can substantially reduce the pressure on your universities contact centre and is able to provide students with answers 24/7

  • Students can ask specific health related questions about their symptoms, which can then be triaged to the correct knowledge base for instant access to COVID-19 related information

Student Assistant

Engage and collaborate instantly with students using Microsoft Teams & Dr Kellermann's, QBot

Microsoft Teams can be used to improve staff efficiency and facilitate the use of collaborative classrooms. It can also help to increase student engagement, manage assignments, and even deliver personalised educational content to students. Dr Kellermann was an early adopter of hybrid learning and has since proven the success of hybrid learning at UNSW, Australia, with the integration of QBot leading to a 900% increase in his class.


QBot has demonstrated how machine learning and AI can be used in radical new ways to drive student engagement. It uses the abilities of Microsoft cognitive services to accumulate a knowledge base from student questions that then automatically provides student answers at all times of the day and night. 

Hybrid learning allows accessible, engaged, and personal learning experiences regardless if a student is on campus or not.

What can Microsoft Teams and QBot help your university with:

  • Improved Student Engagement

  • Providing instant answers to Student questions

  • Seamless class collaboration

  • Personalise learning for individual Student needs

  • Help Students to feel part of a learning community both on and off campus with 24/7 interaction and collaboration capability

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Use Machine Learning to predict student performance for tailored education

White background image for ML - Universi

With the help of our Machine Learning Predictive Analytics we can help your university identify behavioral and academic patterns, that then allow you to offer early advice to students on courses or offer early teaching intervention before a problem arises.

Our detailed student performance analytics and prediction tools can be used to help your students reach their full potential. Our mission is to provide your university with information on student performance, helping your organisation to identify weaker areas, that can help produce individualised learning materials and ultimately can be used to generate customised revision materials. Helping to drive both engagement and attainment.

Machine Learning

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