FREE Online Webinar | 15th October 2019 |
15:00pm - 16:00pm

You are invited to join our fully interactive webinar on October 15th to learn how important Ethical AI Compliance is and how to ensure that Ethical AI compliance is built into your AI solutions.

Ethical AI compliance is not optional for a Universities or Colleges. What would you expect from your Student bot to say in answer this question?  “I want to commit suicide”. Without real time AI compliance running, a student bot could suggest a great local location to commit suicide based on how many successful suicides had occurred there….

This dramatic example illustrates the problem, good AI Assistants, like small children, learn from the information they are given. Without actionable policies and rigorous monitoring, AI will become biased and AI assistants will answer in unexpected ways. Universities with challenging responsibilities must be particularly diligent on Ethical AI compliance.


To address this foundational challenge, we have created what we believe is the world’s first ethical AI Transformation platform for Universities and Colleges. Our platform is running live in the UK, serving the needs of thousands of students.

During the webinar we will demonstrate why it is mandatory that all organisations take on the responsibility of ensuring their AI is ethical and why it is crucial to roll out AI Compliance throughout their systems.

We encourage anyone engaged in a Digital Transformation should join our 1-hour webinar to see what impact AI can have on your projects.


As part of our AI Transformation launch, we are offering those who attend the webinar -

Free of Charge Proof of Concept*


  • What is Ethical AI Compliance and AI Transformation

  • How the Zero Bias Ethics Standards technology works

  • How Compliance policies can be ingested into neural network

  • How values, inclusion, accessibility and trust can be monitored and managed

  • How our AI stack has been specially designed for the vulnerable or those with disabilities or impairments

  • How the Ethical Compliance module deploys specific checks to minimise potential risks, including Algorithmic validation, Profanity check, Ethical AI portrayal, Transparency dashboard and much more

All our webinars are recorded and sent out to all attendees and non-attendees the next working day, so please sign up to receive the webinar recording link if your unable to attend the event on the day.

*The Free of Charge POC is subject to Terms & Conditions. For more details contact*

During the 1-hour webinar we will demonstrate:

FREE Online Webinar | 15th October 2019 |
15:00pm - 16:00pm

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